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220876 - How is Mach determed without temperature?

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  • 220876 - How is Mach determed without temperature?

    Question 220876 in Instruments:

    The input(s) of a VMO/MMO warning system is (are):
    Static pressure only
    Static pressure and aircraft configuration
    Static pressure and total pressure.
    Static pressure and SAT

    The correct answer is C
    The M
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    Mach number is defined as the ratio (TAS / LSS). However thanks to the magic of isentropic flow theory mach number can also be expressed as a function of of the ratio (total pressure / static pressure).

    For subsonic flight: M=sqrt(5((Pt/Ps)^(2/7)-1))

    CAS is defined as a function of the difference (total pressure - static pressure)

    Therefore both CAS and Mach are functions of total and static pressures. This also explains why the relation between CAS and Mach does not depend on temperature.
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