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  • HDG Question

    Can someone please answer the question below (showing calculations)? I have answered all questions in this format correctly but can't get my answer for this question to agree with answer given.

    Required track 300?T, drift 8?S, variation 10?W, deviation +4?. What is the required compass heading ?

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    Re: HDG Question

    Hi pamsym

    Ok so true track 300, 8 stbd drift variation 10 w Deviation + 4

    True track will be 300 - 8 (stbd drift) = 292

    Variation west magnetic best so add 10

    Deviation + 4 Convention is + = East deviation east compass least

    it would perhaps help if you use:

    cadburys (compass) dairy (deveation) milk (magnetic) very (variation) tasty (true)

    Therefore C D M V T
    298 + 4 302 +10 292

    Compass heading = 298

    Hope this helps

    John H


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      Re: HDG Question

      Nice one John,

      As per usual when you see the answer in front of you, you feel pretty stupid realising the mistake you have made. For some reason I had it in my head that the "S" represented South as opposed to stbd.

      Many thanks for the quick response,