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Instruments (A) Question ID: N992829 - VS1

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  • Instruments (A) Question ID: N992829 - VS1

    According to the text on page 4 of Lesson 2 - Pressure Instruments in the online course, VS1 is the "stall speed at Maximum All Up Mass clean".

    However, the answer for Question ID: N992829 states that VS1 is "the level flight stall speed for the specified configuration". It should be noted that one of the other answers/options is: ​​​​"the level flight stall speed, aircraft clean" but this is not given as the correct answer.

    I am a bit puzzled considering what is in the text of the online course (Lesson 2). What am I missing? (I haven't flown a light aircraft for many years and have forgotten the ASI markings)

    Thanks in advance for your response.


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    The text is describing the Seneca ASI. The ODM for this aircraft states: Green arc: normal operating speed range, with the lower limit being the power-off stall speed, including flaps and gear up (VSl), and the upper limit being VNO at the Maximum All Up Mass.
    However the Certification Specification definition states: [B]


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      Thanks Colin; appreciate your response. The problem I have with this is that the online info does not provide the "remote student" with the correct details for the exam until a progress test is done. And then the Explanations are sometimes vague. This needs to be addressed.


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        Yes it will be!


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          I have just taken the progress test and encountered the same problem and was equally puzzled. I read the posts here from the previous member but still remain confused. I also answered 'level flight clean', which turned out to be incorrect.
          The answer explanation also mentions VSR but I could not find this in the course text?
          Where did I go wrong and where can the correct information be found?