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Power Plant - L.08 - Fuel Injection System - Quiz question

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  • Power Plant - L.08 - Fuel Injection System - Quiz question

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    The lesson says:

    Page 2
    The system has five basic components:
    - An engine driven pump (EDP) which supplies fuel at pressure to the injector assembly.
    - An electrically driven pump which also supplies fuel to the injector assembly.
    - An injector assembly which adjusts the fuel flow according to throttle position and mixture setting.
    - A manifold valve which distributes fuel from the injector to the fuel nozzles. - The first choice assumes fuel to be delivered to the injectors (plural can be assumed as a trick to add to a confusion)
    - Fuel nozzles which spray f‌inely atomized fuel into the inlets of each cylinder.

    Page 3
    Metered fuel from the injector is then fed to the manifold valve.

    Page 4
    Fuel from the manifold valve is fed to each of the fuel nozzles through stainless-steel injector lines. The injector nozzle has a calibrated orif‌ice in its upper chamber which controls the amount of fuel injected.

    My question:
    Fuel nozzles are nowhere named injectors in the lesson. Injector is a unit that delivers fuel to the nozzles through manifold valve. Based on information given in the lesson, do you think one can get the impression that the first choice is incorrect?