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    There is a misconception in 3 spool engines, that the IP compressor is the LP compressor and not the Fan. Clearly, the IP compressor is lower pressure than the HP, but the type certificate for the engine, clearly states that the LP compressor, is the Fan.

    I have attached screenshots of the document, but the relevant wording is;

    [QUOTE][I]Three-shaft, high bypass ratio, axial flow, turbofan with Low Pressure (LP), Intermediate Pressure
    (IP) and High Pressure (HP) compressors driven by separate turbines through coaxial shafts:[\QUOTE]

    Also in the explanation, it says "Some engines have a geared fan, it is driven by the LP turbine through some gears to slow it down a bit. In this case, a geared fan would run at a slower speed than the LP turbine."

    However, these all appear to be twin spool engines and the question says triple spool.
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