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  • Fuel Injection Question

    Piston engine fuel injection system, which component distribute the fuel to the cylinders ?

    A- Nozzles
    B- Fuel Pump
    C- Manifold Valve
    D- Selector Valve

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    Many thanks for the valuable feedback.


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      Hi Tony
      any idea about the correct answer?


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        its nozzles


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          Hi and apologies, I thought you was just providing feedback.

          The correct answer is the manifold valve.

          In the CBT, Systems 29 - Fuel Injection Systems Page 2/9, bullet point 4 it states:

          "A manifold valve which distributes fuel from the injector to the fuel nozzles". So the manifold valve distributes the fuel to the relevant nozzle depending on the requirement as per the firing sequence. The nozzle does no distribution it just fires atomized fuel into the inlet of the particular cylinder that it is supplying.


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            Precision Airmotive (who make these things) call it a "flow divider". Perhaps "manifold valve" is official EASA speak. I call mine a spider, but it only has four legs.

            According to the Precision Airmotive manual:

            "The flow divider is used to distribute the metered fuel flow from the servo to the nozzles. The flow divider controls how much fuel goes to each nozzle from idle to about 25% horsepower. Above this power, the fuel distribution is managed by the nozzles."

            I agree the best answer is C, but this is a strike through item in Appendix to Annex I to ED Decision 2018/001/R.

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              Hi Ortac. The term Manifold Valve is referred to in AGK LO 021 10 04 02. Annex II to ED Decision 2016/008/R and this is where the question would have been generated from. I agree it is a strike through item in Appendix to Annex I to ED Decision 2018/001/R, however the CAA question bank is unlikely to reflect this straight away. But thanks for the valued feedback.