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Pneumatic's rate of climb questions

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  • Pneumatic's rate of climb questions


    I have a few questions regarding the rate of climb calculations, I would really appreciate some help on how to tackle these questions

    1) An aircraft takes off from an airfield of 5900 ft elevation and climbs to FL 300 at a rate of 1205 ft/min. In order for the cabin to arrive at 8000 ft as the aircraft is levelling off the cabin rate of climb must be:

    a) 210 ft/min
    b) 105 ft/min
    c) 400 ft/min
    d) 168 ft/min

    2) An aircraft climbs from sea level to 16,000 ft at 1000 ft per min, the cabin pressurisation is set to climb at 500 ft per min to a cabin altitude of 8000 ft. The time taken for the cabin to reach 8000 ft is:

    a) the same time as it takes the aircraft to reach 16,000 ft
    b) half the time it takes the aircraft to reach 16,000 ft
    c) twice the time it takes the aircraft to reach 16,000 ft
    d) three times the time it takes the aircraft to reach 16,000 ft

    3) In a pressurised aircraft whose cabin altitude is 8000 ft, a crack in a cabin window makes it necessary to reduce the differential pressure to 5 psi. The flight level to be maintained in order to keep the same cabin altitude is:

    a) FL 230
    b) FL340
    c) FL280
    d) FL180

    One more question,

    5) In the cruise at 30,000 ft the cabin altitude is adjusted from 4000 ft to 6000 ft:

    a) cabin differential will increase.
    b) cabin differential will not be affected.
    c) cabin differential will decrease.
    d) the pressure relief valve will open.

    My understanding with this question is that pressurizing to 6000 ft would require an increase in cabin pressure therefore an increase in cabin differential pressure.

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    from 5900 ft to FL300 at 1205ft/min takes you 20 minutes. To go from 5900ft to 8000ft cabin altitude in 20 minutes, the rate is 2100 in 20 minutes => 105ft per minute

    both aircraft and cabin take 16 minutes to reach their respective altitudes, answer a

    not sure about Q3

    since the cabin altitude increase, I would say the differential decrease

    If a kind BGS instructor could confirm that?

    Happy new year