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differences between RESA and runway strips

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  • differences between RESA and runway strips

    Hi guys,

    I can't make out the difference between RESA (should be at least 90m either end of the runway) and runway strip (60 m either end of the runway for airfield coded 2,3,4 or coded 1 with instrument approach)?

    Clear way: does that mean there is no obstacle below 50'?

    NB: I've seen some question titled like Q1021, what does that mean?

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    Re: differences between RESA and runway strips


    A runway strip has no obstacles and the surface is graded (i.e. prepared) so that an aircraft could run on to it and suffer little or no damage.

    A runway end safety area (RESA) has no objects which could damage the aircraft but the surface is not necessarily graded.

    A clearway has no major obstacles and is an area where an aircraft can safely conduct its initial climb after take off. In ICAO Annex 14 it states "An object situated on a clearway which may endanger aeroplanes in the air should be regarded as an obstacle and should be removed.". There is no maximum height given for such obstacles because whether or not it constitutes a danger to aircraft depends on it position relative to the end of the runway and the slope of the ground within the clearway (which is limited to a maximum of 1.25% upwards).



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      Hi Mr. Baz, I have a question about APRON, I would like to know, How much have to be distance between two aircraft stands? Which documents of ICAO describe about it?


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        Dimensions of things like this is outside of the ATPL syllabus. I guess airport designers and managers might need to know but it's not in the pilot syllabus.