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  • Airspace classes and services summary


    I'm trying to differenciate Airclasses, but I'm lost within the different services provided...

    Air Traffic control service: Provides Traffic separation service, Traffic information service, Traffic avoidance advice, Air traffic advisory service, Flight information service.
    Traffic separation service: Force you to respect horizontal and vertical distance with other aircrafts.
    Traffic information service: Inform you on the positions of other aircraft
    Traffic avoidance advice service: ?
    Air traffic advisory service:?
    Flight information service: you may ask them about meteo, active or non active zones, etc

    What are the differences bewteen Trafic info service, trafic avoidance service, trafic advisory service ?
    Some of those services are available as far as practical, what does that mean ?
    Also, some of those service are available on request, does that mean you have to apply for them before your flight ?

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    Traffic information service - you are informed of the presence of another aircraft which may present a collision hazard.
    Traffic avoidance service - you are advised of what avoiding action to take in the presence of another aircraft which may present a collision hazard
    Advisory service - this is the odd one out, is given to IFR traffic transiting through class F airspace or on advisory routes. When using advisory service you are expected to use in much the same way as you would a control service.

    flight information service - this is the sort of information you pick when flight planning, provision of NOTAMs, weather at various airports etc. It is nothing to do with traffic.

    I've used my own words here to try to make it simple but may have lost strict accuracy.