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    Question states that :

    After experiencing a communication failure on a flight in accordance with IFR, the aircraft shall comply with the communication failure procedures. When flying in VMC, the aircraft shall: Continue to fly in VMC, land at the nearest suitable aerodrome and report its arrival by most expeditious means to the appropriate ATS unit.

    I saw in another question that, if you are flying IFR in IMC and you experience a total communications failure, you should continue the flight according to flight plan.
    I do not understand, to me VMC = good weather, IMC = bad weather.

    So why would the aircaft shall land in VMC but continue according to flight plan in IMC ?


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    If you happen to be in VMC then the safest thing to do is stay VMC and land as soon as possible. This way you can maintain your own separation visually.

    If you happen to be in IMC you cannot maintain your own separation visually. In this case, the safest thing to do is behave predictably i.e. follow your flight plan and let ATC manage your separation.


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      Thank you for your answer.

      I fail to understand though, as the question states we are experiencing total communication failure, so how can ATC manage our separation ?
      Or do you mean that ATC will basically instruct other aircrafts to avoid you ?

      Best regards


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        They can manage your separation because they know what you are going to do. They can keep other aircraft out of your way - this is why it is important to follow the flight plan.


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          But that implies you are flying in a controlled airspace, if I'm not mistaken.
          What if your flight plan involves flying IFR through a G class Airspace ?


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            Class G is a problem for airlines because it is not controlled. Separation is given 'as far as practicable' but as not everyone is required to participate then separation is not guaranteed. Air Traffic zones around airports do help to some extent.

            But to answer your question IFR in class G airspace you can do as you wish but to be as safe as possible you would still behave in a predictable fashion i.e. follow you flight plan.