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    Based on the explanation point no 3, shouldn't the answer D is correct as well?

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    Hi Era,

    In my opinion this is one of those awkward questions that look for word for word answer. I've modified our explanation slightly because, rather embarrassingly, it referred to JAR. I thought we had managed to clear all of those out a couple of years ago but the odd one appears from time to time. I have to say that this is obviously an old question and I'm finding that as EASA either work on old questions or bring in new questions they are improved. So I doubt you would actually come across this in a current exam.

    Below is an extract from the latest ICAO Annex 1 regarding the privileges of a commercial pilot's licence holder. You might note that the words have changed slightly over the years.

    a) to exercise all the privileges of the holder of a private pilot licence in an aircraft within the appropriate aircraft category;

    b) to act as pilot-in-command of an aircraft within the appropriate aircraft category engaged in operations other than commercial air transportation;

    c) to act as pilot-in-command, in commercial air transportation, of an aircraft within the appropriate aircraft category and certificated for single-pilot operation;

    d) to act as co-pilot of an aircraft within the appropriate aircraft category required to be operated with a co-pilot; and

    e) for the airship category, to pilot an airship under IFR.


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      Thank you John