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Minimum Climb Gradient for SID

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  • Minimum Climb Gradient for SID


    This isn't a question regarding ATPL exams (I'm already flying commercially), but you guys might be able to help me out with this.

    For many SIDs there is a minimum climb gradient noted in the chart, for example "min. 7.0% until 5,000ft". Let's say I have a very heavy jet aircraft and my standard thrust reduction and acceleration altitude (all engines operating) are both at 1,000ft AGL. In this case when accelerating I will most likely want to reduce vertical speed to about 500 fpm which will, with a typical groundspeed of more than 200 kts, result in a gradient less than 7%. As my initial climb was at a far greater gradient, can I still go below 7.0% during acceleration because I will still fulfill that gradient when calculating the gradient according to track miles from the end of TORA, or do I have to exceed the 7% gradient at any given time?

    Thanks for your help!