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Suspension of VFR operations

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  • Suspension of VFR operations


    I'm looking for a little clarification on this particular sentence from Doc 4444 Aerodrome control service :

    The following procedures must be observed by the aerodrome control tower whenever visual flight rules operations are suspended :
    - Hold all departures other than those which file an instrument flight rules flight plan and obtain approval thereof from the area control centre
    Does that mean that suspension is subject to area control center approval before the control tower can effectively hold VFR departures, or that once holded, VFR must obtain approval from area control center for departure to get over the suspension of operations ?
    Or something else ?

    I'm not a native english speaker, and the "thereof" is quite an obscure word that I'm having a hard time with.

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    Thereof is one of the old fashioned legal terms it saves you repeating something. In this case you might take that part to mean, 'obtain approval to suspend VFR procedures.'

    If you suspend VFR operations then Area Control need to know because they will need to send the VFR traffic to another airport. In this particular case, I might interpret approval to mean agreement.


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      Understood, thank you very much !