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  • Q100297, q100314

    Q100297: The explanation to the question says the examiner has chosen 5 minutes as the correct answer (not an option). In the exam, should I choose 5 or 10?

    Q100314: Question specifically asks for the distance including the additional wake separation. The minimum wake separation, heavy behind heavy, is 4NM.
    I understand that for two a/c on the same localizer course the separation is 2.5NM, but, again, this takes no account for the wake minimum.

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    QID 100297 we took it out of circulation several years ago so you shouldn't have been able to see it. Obviously a computer glitch has made it visible again - that will be corrected.

    QID 100314 As you observe, the question asks for minimum separation when wake turbulence doesn't have to be applied.


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      100314 and 100517 look identical to me.
      Both say pretty much the same thing and can be understood as asking to add additional separation or not.


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        Yes, the same idea. It can be difficult can't it?