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  • Help!!!

    Hi guys,

    I got a week left till I head to the caa for my first time taking

    Being 34 and not done school work for a very long time it's took me a while to get up to standard and getting through the progress tests to allow me to take my first sitting.

    just wondering how you guys study on your final week before your caa visit? I'm still learning how to study again so any advice would be muchly appreciated.

    after I have taken these exams I will feedback as much as I can.

    thankyou in advance

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    Hi PilotPG,

    I'm a little older than you and last studied at Uni almost 20 years ago, so I can appreciate what you're going through. You've sat your first set of exams now and it was probably a baptism of fire. What I've found helpful is to read each chapter once before taking brief notes. To prep for the exams try to condense your revision notes into 1 or 2 (MAX) A4 pages. Sometimes it's helpful to print off a few pics or diagrams. Revision cards are also helpful but try not to write too many. Going through the question bank as many times as time allows is of course a no brainer. Review the flagged questions the day before along with any feedback from here will pay dividends. For future reference, GNAV and M and B are both time management exercises, do plenty of practice exams before the day. Good luck with the remainder of the course.