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  • Taxiway width

    List on the book, page 16.2, States for code letter C - Wheelbase over 18 meters = taxiway not less than 18m
    and for wheelbase less than 18 meters, taxiway width of not less than 15 meters.
    So as far as I understand it, a situation could arise with an a/c with a wheel base of 17m and a taxiway only 15m wide?
    Plus, the letter C means wheel base 6-9m wide (stated in the previous page), so how come were refering to a much wider whee lbase here?
    Hope that's clear.

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    Page 16.1 Is the Aerodrome reference Code.

    To quote Annex 14:
    "The intent of the reference code is to provide a simple method for interrelating the numerous specifications concerning the characteristics of aerodromes so as to provide a series of aerodrome facilities that are suitable for the aeroplanes that are intended to operate at the aerodrome"

    Page 16.2 is the Width of Taxiways specific regulation ( No reference to field length).

    I hope this makes it a little less blurred.