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  • Q ID:100517 and 100314

    Hi am currently completing the question bank and have answered both of these questions. I believe they are both asking the same thing but both give different answers. One gives the answer of 5 NM and the other answer 2.5 NM. Would someone please be able to clear this one up please? I understand the minimum separation is 5 NM which can be reduced to 3 NM if radar permits. However, if they are on the same localizer track it can be reduced to 2.5 NM which I think both of these questions are saying?

    Q ID: 100314

    The minimum radar separation provided between aircraft established on the same localizer course shall be: (plus additional longitudinal separation as required for wake turbulence) ANSWER 2.5 NM.

    Q ID: 100517

    The following minimum radar separation shall be provided between aircraft on the same localizer with additional longitudinal separation as required for wake turbulence: ANSWER 5 NM.

    Kind Regards,


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    Hello Liam,

    The 2.5NM is without Wake Turbulence separation and the 5NM is with Wake Turbulence separation added.


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      Hi John,

      Thanks for the response. So the two questions I have listed both say with additional spacing for wake turbulence which would mean the answer is 5 NM like you say. But for Q ID:100314 it says 2.5 NM and in brackets in the question it says (plus additional longitudinal separation as required for wake turbulence)?


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        Yes. Wake turbulence separation would need to be added to that figure if wake turbulence separation were required. Don't forget that wake turbulence separation is not always required.