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    Can any fellow students offer any advice on effective study techniques please?

    For example did you read the books twice for each subject, then use the compter programme?

    I'm working whislt doing the course so need to be as efficient as possible with my study.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Study Techniques

    I read the books once, all QB once and as many repeat attempts on the q's I got wrong to clear them. I took 'notes' on index cards miniature pictures / diagrams which I found stuck in my head better than the text. Found they were helpful revising.


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      Re: Study Techniques

      For Module 1:

      Went through every subject as per organised on the ATPL Digital software. When I had finished the whole material, I then read through each subject again and wrote notes of anything I had forgotten in the run. Then I hit the QB and anything that I got wrong, it was back to the books to understand it. I planned to get atleast 90% on the QB before I attended the brush up but, to be honest ended up with most subjects between 70-80%.

      The brush up then got me in to the high 90% which reflected my JAA exam results. Most importantly, dont expect to know everything before you attend the brush up. Your guaranteed to not understand atleast 10% of the material and that is what the brush up is for, knock your grades up by an average of 10%.

      Spend as much time as you can on the question bank and keep hitting the books because there is alot to remember and you will with non doubt keep forgetting.

      Module 2:

      Now this is probably the most boring module. Alot to remember, not much maths but stupid little petty things which make no difference to be honest. Alot of it is not really needed and will be forgotten. Im about 50% through and just using the same technique as per module 1 and it's going fine at the moment.

      Hope that helps.
      Ex Bristol student Jan 2010 - March 2011


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        Re: Study Techniques

        I read through the subject matter a week or two ahead, then go through the lessons on ATPL digital taking notes. I leave Progress Tests until at least a day after I've done the associated lessons then take notes on what I got wrong.

        On completion of the lessons in ATPL digital, hit the question bank, and mug up on anything I'm getting wrong. Plus buy a VERY sharp pencil for all the various CAPs