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  • ukball
    congrats on this very successful event

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  • GastonQ
    Very nice, Robirdus! I wish you made a video of the process. That would have been so interesting to see.

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  • robirdus
    started a topic Passed!


    Dear fellow students,
    I have passed my last exam on 15th of March, 2019, so I am a little late to write about this - I was thinking whether to do it or not. But I think it can give you encouragement you might need.
    I got the access to BGS around July, last year, but I did not study very intensively until December, since it took some time until I've figured out where, when and how can I take the exams. Up to December, I was reviewing only two subjects, Meteorology and Instrumentation. Finally, I had my first exam date in January at Austrocontrol, and I've passed both of them. Then I had a two weeks break, prepared for the next two subjects, and went for the exams. Then I have realized that I need to take more exams during a two-week period... so things started to speed up.
    After 2.5 months of intense study I have passed the last two of the subjects - Operational Procedures and Mass and Balance! It was such a relief.
    It was a very tough period. Although it wasn't completely intentional, I was lucky to have the exam period in the winter. (and by the way it is better to fly in the summer than study...) Since there were less students at the exams, I had more flexibility. There was no limitation on how many subject I have to take on one "sitting". As I know, now there is. It is more rigid.
    During this period I had days starting at 6 in the morning and till 12 pm - 18 hours straight sitting and studying. I was honestly very surprised that I was able to do it. I am not young, I am 41. But I was able to study and concentrate a way better than when I was at the university. And it seems - as it is stated in the subject of Human Performance - getting older doesn't necessarily mean getting dumb. I am an Msc. mechanical engineer, and I guess it was helping at some of the subjects...
    What made things harder was the fact that at the same time I was full time working (on workdays) as a director (having 80 subordinates - you can imagine...). Plus I have two very very loud little boys, and we are in the same house But my wife is a wonderful women and has supported me a lot.
    So obviously I had to take some vacations, but not too much. That few days off were helping a lot for sure.
    I had a very funny conversation with my ATO when all exams passed: "how are the exams?" "I've passed them" "ah. which one?" "all." "all?!"

    I was using BGS and AE question bank. Most of the time I was first reading the BGS materials, passed the test questions, then I went straight to the questions. I was trying to go through at least 80% of the questions of each question bank. Sometimes the number of questions were simply too much and I was not able to process all until the exam date. I found it useful to have a notebook, and to write down all key data, number, etc. Right before the exam, I have used this to recall the key items.
    In some cases - for example Flight Planning and Monitoring - I had to throw away BGS materials. I have started to go by the syllabus, but in this particular case, the method was not for me. Instead, I went straight to the questions, and I have read the explanations, then've browsed through skybrary and other sources till I've got the point.
    I've tried to sleep at least 4-6 hours before the exams, and that was extremely useful, even when I did not manage to go through the subject due to the lack of time..

    Thanks to my wife, professionals of BGS, AE, the help from fellow students - I've done it! You can do it too!