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  • Thank you BGS


    I am not a BGS student, but I decided to use the BGS qbk..

    Now that I finished them all I simply wanted to say Thank you to everyone at BGS and particularly the instructors, for all the help I got while studying, revising and preparing the ATPL exams.
    The forums are also of great help and contains invaluable informations for anyone, at any stage of the training.

    There is so much to absorbd and digest for theses exams, and I realised I needed a better and more structured qbk than the one provided by my ATO, and I am glad I choose BGS. The explanations provided by the instructors help massively to understand so much about the material, but of course reading and understanding the actual material is and should be the first stop, when studying for these exams.

    Just simply THANK YOU BGS, and everyone here.