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  • Need help for the future

    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering if anyone could help me at all. I'm currently in Coventry doing my ATPL. I had my last 7 exams this week and unfortunately I failed 2 (Air law and Flight planning). I honestly knew everything about flight planning- it was my favourite subject but the exam was just ridiculous, as in I could not understand any of the questions. Air law was just disgusting as well.

    Now overall all I have 4 fails (average score 88%). With the school I am with, im now considered to be out of their holding pool. I really don't know if i should continue my training. Being a pilot has been a dream for years and when I was dropped from the Air Force I went for the commercial route again after bailing on it during university. And now I feel like with 4 fails and not being in the schools holding pool, I will never get a job. Maybe this wasn't meant to be. The way I see it is spending 95k+ to be jobless for years is not worth it. I have spoken to the head manager but getting an honest answer from him is hard. He said I am at a disadvantage but if you do your flying perfectly, it won't be impossible to find a job.

    If if anyone could help me with my situation I would really appreciate it. Do you know if it is still possible to have a job with 4 fails. Is it hard to get a job by yourself without the help of a school. Any friends who has done it with more than 3 fails?

    Thank you in advance

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    Mate i just talk to you with my poor knowledge about ur situation. I m doing atpl too , to be honest i didnt even know about holding pools and all these stuff. I know a lot of pilots currently working in airlines and they got the job by their own , any help. Except one , who was my flight instructor and he got the schools owner help (recomendation)
    So be calm , dont get stressed and try to finish this as fast as u can. Then apply for airlines and try to accumulate hours whilst you do. (Fligh instructor or whatever...)
    Hope it helps you and makes you to feel better!
    Cheers mate