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  • Asking for an exam review

    Hello everyone,
    Is anybody has an experience with a review request after an "almost pass" result?
    (that review in the UK CAA website that costs 69 Pounds, and is limited to 14 days after the results)

    I have got 72% in Performance, and I think it was a very unfair test.
    From experience, do you think that appealing on the exam ("Review request") can help me in this case? or it's just a money wasted process?


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    Not trying to be a misery, but I know someone who reviewed their exam as they got 74% in Met ... and they got something back saying they were average across all learning objectives and no increase of the mark ...
    PPL (A), Night Rating ... "RTFQ"

    14 ATPL Exams Passed ... (finally!) - sweet relief!


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      colin , Do you think that 72% in Performance, with that wierd question with the CB (navigate between the cells...etc) is something that worth to appeal on?

      In addition, I had at least (maybe there was more but I cannot remember) 5 graph questions - Two at the end with 2 marks, that Mach buffet margin graph, another one with ROC graph (two engines and one inop), and a question that you need to enter the graph and find the max/min wind for a given field length, T/O mass and temp.



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        You can appeal it on the grounds that there were more than 4 multi path graph questions.
        The review cost is the same as the exam fee and would be refunded if your appeal is successful.


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          Thanks, Colin,
          When I try to ask for a review on the CAA website, there is no place where I can write any comments, it just requests a payment and that's it. Do I miss something?


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            Just to update, that the appeal wasn't successful. I got an Email saying that the exam reviewed by TWO subject experts and the questions were compliant, and none of them was misleading or ambiguous.


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              Hi all,

              So I've just failed my last exam (74% for Flight Planning). After an average of over 90% for the other 13 exams, it's an understatement to say that I'm upset at the situation as well as the exam I wrote. There is no ways my knowledge of the material was deficient by 20% only for flight planning and I was at a level of 90% for the rest (including Quadrant exams)

              I impulsively made a request for a review of the exam only to realise it could take up to 10 days for the review and I'm not able to re-book in this time! Does anybody have recent experience on how long it typically takes? It will probably prove to be futile but the situation warrants it.

              Many thanks for any input.