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Looking to buy BGS hardcopy or soft copy to study offline

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  • Looking to buy BGS hardcopy or soft copy to study offline

    Hi, I am doing BGS with my ipad mini but would prefer to buy the hard copy and scan it into a larger tablet, or to buy a scanned soft copy of someone.
    If someone is interested, send me a PM.

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    Hi Pedro,
    You should be able to use ATPdigital offline.
    You can also install ATPdigital onto a larger tablet than an iPad mini.
    If you message and explain that you are currently unable to use the content offline, we can help you sort that out.
    Kind regards,


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      Hi Deb, thank you for your message. I have an iPad Mini and the MacBook 13 inch which I use to access your app. However I find this font size is too small and I need to change the resolution of the monitor to be able to avoid causing an eye strain if I spend too long reading the contents,added to not providing the best ergonomic position for the neck. I have bought an e-reader 13 inch tablet which is similar to Amazon Paperwhite but larger, which I can put straight up, so I was looking to see if a scanned version of the contents would be easier to read on the new device. It's not really an offline/online issue so I am willing to buy the paper version and scan it, given BGS doesn't provide an ebook/pdf version. Many thanks