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EASA Helicopter Exams

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  • EASA Helicopter Exams

    Please note that, under EASA, there are two different ATPL Helicopter syllabii.

    ATPL(H) - This is a VFR only licence and does not permit flight under IFR

    ATPL(H)/IR - This permits flight under both VFR and IFR and is probably the preferable option for anyone looking for a career in Commercial Air Transportation.

    The UK CAA has informed us that it is not believed that there will be many, if any, takers for the ATPL(H) VFR only option and have therefore only provided examinations (and application forms) for the ATPL(H)/IR option.

    The examination credits will be valid for three years from the date of passing the final examination, to allow you time to pass both CPL(H) and IR(H).

    This applies to the UK only and if you are applying for a licence or taking examinations in any other country, you should verify the process with the National Aviation Authority of that country.

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