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ATPdigital iPad App Bug 14th August 2019

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  • ATPdigital iPad App Bug 14th August 2019

    ATPdigital iPad App Bug 14th August 2019

    We are really sorry, but an update to the ATPdigital iPad app that was released today has a bug which affects its ability to run exams and tests. The PC and mac versions are unaffected. If you use the iPad app and it is set to automatic updates, you will probably be affected. If you have manual updates selected, please DO NOT UPDATE until we advise that the issue is sorted. If you have an iPad app and it is already affected, you will still be able to study, but not to do any exams until we fix the problem.

    Our developers are working on the fault and expect to release a replacement version soon; it will take about a day to go through Apple

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    Problem solved 15th August 2019

    Our developers have solved the issue, so it is OK to go ahead and update.

    If you have already updated and the symptoms persist (no tests/quizzes available) then you may have to uninstall and reinstall to clear the issue.

    Sorry, again, for the inconvenience this may have caused you.


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      I am using the iPad version and still having problem with the quizzes and progress tests. I have uninstall the application and reinstall it again but all PT disappear and there are no quizzes available.
      Any ideas?
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        Hi Pantelism3,

        Thanks for your message and I'm sorry you're still having problems.
        Not very helpful for right now but if you haven't already, please email with all of the details and as soon as they are in the office tomorrow they will be able to help you.

        Many thanks,