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iPad app latest release v1.0.35 - Bug

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  • iPad app latest release v1.0.35 - Bug

    Hi All,

    Please be aware that a bug has been discovered in the latest release of the ATPdigital iPad app which is currently available in the app store (v1.0.35).
    Users of the latest release can only use the ATPdigital app if they are CONNECTED to the internet.

    If you need to use the app whilst offline, please do not download the latest version from the app store.
    Our developers have created a new version which we are pushing through to the App store but it has to go through Apple checks and so will not be available for download for a week or so.

    I will keep you posted.

    In the meantime, any problems please email support directly at
    Best regards,

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    Hi there Deb,

    Is there any chance we will be provided with an Anroid tablet version in the near future?




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      Hi Itay,

      Thanks for your post. There are currently no plans to develop and Android tablet version as far as I'm aware.
      This is mainly because there has not been a huge demand for it.

      If you feel that this is an incorrect please let us know, we always welcome feedback.

      Many thanks


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        Well I'm about to attend my 2nd module in a month.

        I am sure it will be a great tool for Anroid users.


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          Thanks Itay, I will pass your feedback on


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            I would love to se the Android version.
            As I understand, my purchase allows for 2 simultaneous installs.
            Since one is on my windows computer, is it possible to use the other one on an Ipad, or do they both have to be either windows OR Ipad?



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              Hi Helmuth,

              I'm so sorry for the delay! I missed your post!

              You can install the software onto two computers (desktops and/or laptops) and then you can download the ATPdigital app from the app store onto your iPad to use as well if you'd like to. You just log into the iPad using the username and password you create when you set up your ATPdigital account.

              If you have any trouble please email and we can help directly.

              All the best,


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                Thnx Deb :-)
                I'll try both then :-)
                Best regards