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  • Maths and Physics Course

    The new version of the CBT (v6.1) includes a Maths and Physics module. This consists of 7 lessons and 2 progress tests. You have two choices about how to use this course:
    • If you feel confident in your abilities, you can go straight to the progress tests, skipping the lessons. If you pass a progress test, then the associated lessons will be marked as complete. If you fail, you will need to complete the lessons before being able to reattempt the progress test.
    • Alternatively, if you feel that you would benefit from a maths and/or physics refresher, you can complete the lessons before attempting the progress test as normal.

    Shipping of v6.1 will commence shortly; the maths and physics module is the only difference between v6.0 and v6.1. If you are a v6.0 user, and you would like to switch onto v6.1 to get access to the maths and physics module, just drop us an email to asking us to switch you over. You will not lose any of your existing data if you choose to switch. There is no charge for switching over.

    Finally, we'd appreciate feedback on this new course: again, just email us at

    Happy studies
    Courseware Design Team