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  • ByronDonald
    replied can do the courses back to back in any order as long as you meet the requirements for each, and apply for everything at once with the CAA. You'll need to take the MEP course first before you can take the MEIR, but you're not required to take the test (So the pressure is off.) Just do the 6 hours and move on to the IR. You'll be using the DA42 for at least another 15 hours for the IR anyway, and another 7 hours for The CPL (which counts as an MEP anyway) by which time the aircraft will be second nature.
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  • Lubesso
    If anyone has a doubt about this,
    Application fees if you send all CPL/ME and IR together will cost you around 350.

    For the CPL skill test
    - Make sure your examiner fills out the correct reports 1 for CPL/ME and another for IR
    - You will have to send an email to the CAA requesting permission to conduct the skill test in another country outside UK. There is a specific format that you need to send this request. If not they won't accept it.
    Details of pilot/applicant who is to be tested:

    Surname: Forename(s): Title: Mr.
    Licence No./CAA Reference No:
    Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):

    Examiner Details:
    Surname: Forename(s): Title:Mr
    Licence/Certificate No:
    Member State of Licence/ Certificate Issue:
    Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
    Examier privileges: CPL/IR (MEP)

    Test Details:

    Type of Test being conducted: CPL/ME/IR
    Class or Type of Aircraft:
    Simulator No. or Aircraft Registration:
    Date of Test (dd/mm/yyyy):
    Venue for Test:

    -CPL/ME are conducted in 1 flight of 02:30 and IR in a separate flight of 02:00, they can be done on the same day, but not the same flight.

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  • Lubesso
    started a topic CPL/ME/IR Application

    CPL/ME/IR Application

    Hello everyone, I'm finishing my training, with only a few hours CPL on multi to be done.
    I'm having some questions and the more I read the CAA forms and website the more confused I get.

    I'm doing my training outside the UK so I can't get accurate info where I'am at the moment.

    - CPL/ME/IR application fees?
    according to this it should be 121GBP for MEP + 121GBP for IR, what about CPL? I've read in old forums that there used to be a a way of saving some money on the application when all the applications are sent together.
    -Which would be the best course of action for the skill test? CPL/MEP together and then IR? I've seen some guys from Spain and Italy that they are allowed to to these 3 combined in 1 skill test of 4 hrs, but someone has mentioned to me that due to UK CAA it is not possible. Been trying to find information about this.
    I know CPL should be 02:15 minutes skill test and IR 02:00

    If someone could throw out some light into this it will be much appreciated