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  • CPL/ME/IR Application

    Hello everyone, I'm finishing my training, with only a few hours CPL on multi to be done.
    I'm having some questions and the more I read the CAA forms and website the more confused I get.

    I'm doing my training outside the UK so I can't get accurate info where I'am at the moment.

    - CPL/ME/IR application fees?
    according to this it should be 121GBP for MEP + 121GBP for IR, what about CPL? I've read in old forums that there used to be a a way of saving some money on the application when all the applications are sent together.
    -Which would be the best course of action for the skill test? CPL/MEP together and then IR? I've seen some guys from Spain and Italy that they are allowed to to these 3 combined in 1 skill test of 4 hrs, but someone has mentioned to me that due to UK CAA it is not possible. Been trying to find information about this.
    I know CPL should be 02:15 minutes skill test and IR 02:00

    If someone could throw out some light into this it will be much appreciated


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    If anyone has a doubt about this,
    Application fees if you send all CPL/ME and IR together will cost you around 350.

    For the CPL skill test
    - Make sure your examiner fills out the correct reports 1 for CPL/ME and another for IR
    - You will have to send an email to the CAA requesting permission to conduct the skill test in another country outside UK. There is a specific format that you need to send this request. If not they won't accept it.
    Details of pilot/applicant who is to be tested:

    Surname: Forename(s): Title: Mr.
    Licence No./CAA Reference No:
    Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):

    Examiner Details:
    Surname: Forename(s): Title:Mr
    Licence/Certificate No:
    Member State of Licence/ Certificate Issue:
    Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
    Examier privileges: CPL/IR (MEP)

    Test Details:

    Type of Test being conducted: CPL/ME/IR
    Class or Type of Aircraft:
    Simulator No. or Aircraft Registration:
    Date of Test (dd/mm/yyyy):
    Venue for Test:

    -CPL/ME are conducted in 1 flight of 02:30 and IR in a separate flight of 02:00, they can be done on the same day, but not the same flight.

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