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General Navigation Study Weekends 2016

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  • General Navigation Study Weekends 2016

    FREE! B737NG Simulator Sessions for all attendees!

    General Navigation is undoubtedly one of the most difficult subjects on the ATPL course.

    Several years ago, in response to significant feedback from Mod 1 Brush-Up students who found studying navigation from CBT/manuals very difficult and who felt they would have benefited from attending additional General Navigation training, I have put together a 3 day weekend course, designed to help anyone experiencing difficulty with the subject.

    The feedback from previous students has been massively encouraging and the average pass marks and pass rate of attendees at my course are 89%, well above the national average of 70%, with the majority of students scoring in the high 80's and 90's. We will show you simple methods of answering exam questions not covered anywhere else.

    Our mission is to teach you how to answer ANY exam questions not just remember the answers to those in the question bank.

    Please read the reviews at

    The dates for the second half of 2016 are:

    JULY 2016 - 30th July - 1st August

    AUGUST 2016 - 27th - 29th August

    SEPTEMBER 2016 - 23rd - 25th September

    OCTOBER 2016 - 21st - 23rd October

    NOVEMBER 2016 - 25th - 27th November

    DECEMBER 2016 - 9th - 11th December

    The course is priced at GBP 450.00 including all pre-course training material, pre-course and post-course e-mail support, lunch and refreshments.

    In the unlikely event of your failing the examination within three months of attending the course, you will be invited to attend the course again free of charge so we can iron out any problem areas.

    We are now also offering FREE B737NG Simulator Sessions for all attendees from July 2016!

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    Tony Pike

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    Are you planning and additional dates this year?


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      Bristol GS Details and dates until the end of the year can be found here -