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English language proficiency testing by FRTOL Examiners

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  • English language proficiency testing by FRTOL Examiners

    Hello Bristol.GS Folks,

    On 15th March 2018 the UK CAA send out a notification clarifying the "Testing of English Language Proficiency by Flight and Radiotelephony Examiners" There are two matters which may affect those either studying for a professional licence 'ab initio' or converting from a foreign (meaning a non-UK issued) licence who need their language ability assessed.

    There are two methods by which language proficiency can be assessed:
    1. Through CAA-approved ELP testing organisations which assess language proficiency by means of a formal assessment test.
    2. Informal assessment by flight or radio telephony examiners (who themselves have been assessed as Level 6):
    During existing checking or training activities, including: rating issue or revalidation, line training, operator line checks or proficiency checks, or through the use of the radio-telephony test.
    Other informal assessment such as an interview or oral interaction with a flight or radio-telephony examiner.

    Regarding the 2nd method, the UK CAA have stated that:
    "All non-native English speakers must be referred to a UK CAA Approved Language Assessment Centre."
    "Attainment of Level 6 should be considered as being beyond the realistic expectations of most second- or foreign-language learners"
    "If a candidate is potentially considered to be a Level 6 speaker and is to be evaluated through an informal assessment, this must be supported by documented evidence of an individual's linguistic history which must be submitted to the CAA with the examiner report form, or the SRG 1199 in the case of a stand-alone language assessment."

    "FRTOL Examiners (aka RT Examiners) who hold Level 6 English Language Proficiency can currently conduct assessments for native English speakers and, where appropriate, award level 6 proficiency. Candidates not considered fit to be operating at Level 6 should be directed to a CAA approved ELP testing organisation for formal assessment. All non-native English speakers must be referred to a UK CAA Approved Language Assessment Centre."

    I am not affiliated with Bristol.GS but have had a number of people approach me from Bristol.GS, I guess this forum, and I am happy to help with informal language assessments and I am happy to help subject to the above.



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    Tel: 07774 625951
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