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  • Atp Theory Exams In Greece

    Hello to everyone, having now passed all of my exams i would like to congratulate everyone at our school who did too and of course to give some advise for the future students. I have collected loads of feedback which i will post here in the next few days. A brief explanation of the system and the future here in Greece will be posted too! For now a good tip for everyone is to study both versions of the online questionbank and OFCOURSE in some subjects like INSTR, MB, FPL, POF, AGK, PERF AND MET study from the book too!!! You will need it afterwards big time!

    Thank you and enjoy your ground and flying training!

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    How are you mate?

    Just a quick question...Can I also seat for the ATP exams in Greece...because I would prefer to come down to Athens and sit the exams there instead of England...the brush up course takes place in Athens as well or did you have to go to England for the brush ups and then Athens for the exams...???