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  • Polish CAA ATPL Exams calendar


    I'm actually working on the ATPL with Bartolini (& Bristol).
    I'm looking for the dates of exam's , and I found nothing on the Polish CAA website (Only an old link to a 2013 calendar, wich the link is down).
    Can someone help me ?
    How does it work, to subscribe for an exam session? Have you a link with a calendar?
    Thanks a lot,

    Good Day

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    I have the answer.
    For the student with Bartolini, just tell to them you want to register for the exams and they will manage your registration
    with Polish CAA. They will transmit you the calendar ( 10 days of examination by month) except in July.
    The D Day, you just have to go to the exam center near the WAW airport, and take a computer, pass subjects you want. During theses 10 days, all the subjects will count for 1 session.
    You'll receive you score directly after the subject examination is finish.

    Any Student go at Bartolini in November/December for the classroom session?

    Good Day