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    Hi all,

    So a couple of years back, I was in the process of converting my FAA certificates into EASA. Back then I did not have the Multi-Pilot aircraft experience, so my plan was to study, attend the revision courses, take the exams and get the licenses. When I was finally ready to take Module 1 exams and had already booked the revision course, life got on the way and for personal and family-related issues I could not attend and had to postpone my exams. Many things happen in between and I ended up getting a job as a First Officer outside the U.S.

    Now, I'm at the point that I want to retake my conversion process but I'm a little lost where to re-start. I have now +3500TT and +2000 Turbine in a Multi-Pilot aircraft. I also have an ICAO ATPL (non FAA). And since my job is outside Europe, I'm a little limited with the time I can take off to attend courses and exams.

    My questions are:

    1. I purchased Module 1 (Gen Nav, MET, HP, Inst) in 2015. Is the database currently updated, can I still use that to prepare for the exams later this year?
    2. Since I have the Multi-Pilot time now, what do I have to do to waive the requirement to sit in a revision course (I would love to sit through one to be better prepare as I have already paid for it, but it's unlikely I can get that much time off).
    3. How many days do I need to sit the exams for Mod 1?
    4. Does anyone know how the flying part of the conversion would go? Could I take the ATPL skill test straight on the A320 simulator as I'm typed ? (Would I be able to waive the 15 hr of IR in European Airspace with this? and the requirement for an MCC as well since I already fly Multi-Pilot aircraft?)

    Will be grateful for any helpful tips.