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  • EASA or NOT?


    I finished my ATPL exams back in 2014 when they were still on paper. Now I am getting ready to send all the paperwork to the Spanish CAA, my SOLI since I started the PPL(A), to obtain the CPL/ME/IR. I have realized that in the examination board certificates I got from the UK CAA is stated: "Report of the new syllabus ATPL aeroplanes examination for the GB airline transport pilot's licence, aeroplanes".
    Does it mean it is not considered as EASA ATPL? what is even worse, will it be accepted by Spain as a proof of my theoretical knowledge? I'm afraid they will not. Do you know if I can ask for a new certificate stating they were under EASA normative? When I started the modules with BGS, they were sold as EASA ATPL.

    If they are rejected it means I should retake all the exams again, or transfer my licences and get new skill tests, probably new training flight under the UK CAA, in any case lot of money again for such a stupid lack of information, probably I will have to give up after this. Can anyone help me even if it's a little bit with some information?

    Thank you!

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    One thing is for sure you have an EASA ATPL theoretical knowledge qualification.
    Not sure why your certificates are named as you have stated.
    Give Noush a ring on 01275340444 or email and explain your predicament. I'm sure she'll sort it for you.