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What happens after passed ATPL?

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  • What happens after passed ATPL?


    When I'm done with the 14 ATPL subjects, I'm going to finish the IR/ME/CPL (A) in Sweden. But how does it work after I've passed the ATPL with the UK CAA?
    Do I have to somehow convert my frozen ATPL to Sweden, or will the ATO just require documentation from - in this case the UK CAA - that I've completed and passed all the exams?
    And how will the completed ATPL be implemented in my license?

    Thanks for your help!

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    You can train in any EASA ATO! The EASA country that will issue your licence is the country that holds your medicals! The ATPL will not be implemented in your licence in any case man, the ATPL are because once you have the experience and all the requirements you will pass a skill test and being issued an EASA ATPL (unfrozen), what you have now is ME CPL/IR with ATPL exams known as frozen ATPL (fATPL)!!

    Really do you not know that?


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      Of cause I'm well aware of the structure, and everything else you contributed with in the above post Nelson!

      For anyone else you'll simply just present your ATO with a printed copi of the CAA document with passed exams for the CPL/IR.
      Apparently the Swedish authorities won't deal with UK ATPL, so to get a permanent license one would have to convert the ATPL to Sweden. Don't know if that's the general procedure in other EASA countries..


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        It's quite wierd I guess! All EASA authorities must deal among them! I dont understand why you need to convert your licence!