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Exam & brush-up dates for 2017?

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  • Exam & brush-up dates for 2017?

    I'm starting to ponder my study dates for Module 2 and Module 3, and want to decide approximately when I'll be sitting the exams and work backwards from there.

    Unfortunately there aren't any dates for brush-up courses in 2017 yet, and I suspect the reason for that is that the CAA haven't put any 2017 exam dates into their calendar yet.

    I notice that the exams at BGS tend to be in the third week of each month or thereabouts, with the brush-up the week preceding that. Is that a pretty consistent rule, and can I rely on that for planning the rest of my studies?

    If I'm right, then I reckon there would probably be a brush-up in January from 16th to 20th, with the exams during four days of the following week (23rd to 26th). That's when I would probably be looking to do Module 2.

    Also, I'm guessing that there would be a brush up in February from 13th to 17th, with the exams 20th to 23rd.

    Then in March from 13th to 17th, with exams 20th to 23rd.

    Then in April it's a little harder to predict because Easter gets in the way. Perhaps the brush-up would be slightly earlier - 3rd to 7th, with exams 10th to 13th? Good Friday is then on 14th I believe. I might be looking to do Module 3 in April, or possibly May.

    Finally, in May the brush-up might be 15th to 19th and exams 22nd to 25th.

    Do these dates look realistic?

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    Dr Mike Oxgreen I think your dates look realistic. I was wondering the same regarding brush up dates during 2017.