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    I am having some challenges with the new format of the FP&M exam. The new version has "dropdown" annexes of the VFR (ED-6) map and do not refer you to the map in the Jepp training manual that you are allowed to bring. On one occasion the question asked for a distance between two points but there were no Lat/Long scales at the side and bottom of the illustration. On another the distance scales was not depicted at the bottom so I assumed that I could use the Lat scale on the meridian of the chart. I calculated the distance to be 37.7 miles but I do not know if I was close to the correct answer as this was not a multiple choice and you had to insert the answer in rounded numbers as the system does not accept decimals.

    There was also a dropdown annex for a new VFR terminal chart for an airport in Croatia (not in the Jepp training manual or QB). The chart was not clear and even when it was expanded, the coordinates for the fixes were blurry/virtually unreadable. Later on there was another question on the same area but on this occasion it referred you to the worksheet provided in the exam so I was able to use it for the first question but valuable time had already been lost.

    I got approx. 6 questions that were not multiple choice (fuel calc, distances etc); you had to insert the "correct" answer. Does anyone know if there is any +/- tolerance by the examiner for these answers or is it just one exact answer?

    Appreciate your feedbck.


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    when I went for the revision week BGS they told us that we have a margin of error in the type-in questions !!!

    are we still aloud to take the student jeppsen manual to the exam por flight planning?????


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      I spoke with the CAA and they said that there are tolerances on some of the questions. Not all of them though, things like time where you have minutes and seconds you do have to round up or down based on the amount of seconds you have. There is leeway with some of the conversions and things where you use the CRP so I have been told too