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Instrument rating exam - PSR/PNR question

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  • Instrument rating exam - PSR/PNR question


    I got during my IR rating exam an interesting PSR\PNR question where I am going right now crazy to get to a solution. I asked now already everyone at flight schools, looked in different forums, but could not find an answer. I even asked already the authority, but they were not authorized to help me...

    Hopefully you guys can help me here with a solution.

    The question simple:
    - distance A to B 2000NM
    - TAS, wind, endurance constant
    - 5000kg fuel (+500kg extra)
    - PET from A 1200NM

    what is the PNR\PSR?

    answeres: I cant remember the values any more but for the approach process it should be not an issue. There were 5 answeres and I chose c.) which was 1200NM (same as PET and which is wrong).

    My approach was the following, due to the fact that there are to less variables for calculations, no given fuel flow,..., it's more a theoretical question. TAS, wind, endurance are constant, so I thought it might be one of the rare cases where PET=PSR, which leads me to another question:
    - Can PSR be equal PET and\or is PSR always more\less then PET?

    I assume that when there is no wind and PET is exactly half of the distance, is there also PSR half of the distance or more\less?

    In the example above I know I have headwind doe to the fact that PET is closer to B, so if PSR is maybe always more then PET then there might was only one answer which was more then 1200nm...

    Or maybe I am completely wrong...,
    anyways, appreciate your help in this case!

    BR, Rusty

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    No one a clue?