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  • Mass and Balance & VRF Comms

    Hi there,

    Sat both today.

    Mass and balance.

    Most were question bank or very close. 1 that i can remember which i do not think is in the bank was that you were given an aircraft mass, its current CoG, the forward and aft limits and the arms of 2 hold compartments. The CoG was beyond the aft limit and you had to answer with that was the least amount of ballast that can be added to bring the CoG within limits. Cant remember the numbers but you get the idea! You could choose which compartment to add the weight into and the answers included the the amount needed if you added the weight to the rear or forward compartment..... but obviously the smaller weight is the correct answer.

    Another question i found frustrating was that you were given the graph 4.11 in CAP 696 and were told the landing mass was 56000kg and were asked what was the forward and aft limits are...... but 56000kg is over the MLM (54900kg) shown on the graph. It seemed to me that the 2 possible answers were those you would get if you drew the line at 56000kg and at 54900kg...... Very frustrating and not sure what knowledge this really tests to be honest. I agree with the principle of changing the exams to stop question bank learners however i think in exchange they should produce exams that test whether you have a good working knowledge of the subject rather trying to catch you out with something in the real world would be obvious.

    I finished the exam with about 8 minutes spare and would say if you are comfortable with the question bank the exam i sat today should be OK.

    VFR Comms - Not a lot to say about this one. Pretty much QB or very close...... the only one that i didnt recognise from the question bank was something along the lines of

    Regarding the phrase "over and out"
    it is irregular in VHF comms
    it is irregular in HF comms unless using SELCAL
    2 other nowhere near answers.

    So as you would expect a pretty simple exam.

    I hope someone finds this helpful!! Back to the bank for me..... Planning, Perf, Procedures and Law in 3 and a half weeks time!!!!!!! If anyone has any advice for these that is not on forum that would be appreciated..... also i hope the new questions they introduce from next month dont end up effecting the exams as much as they effected Procedures last year!!

    Good luck everyone!

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    Thanks a lot for the feedback and hope you will get good results!

    I passed Perf end of december it was mostly the last 60-70 questions from the QB. Hope it will still be the case.

    Best wishes


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      I will be appealing the M&B question with the MLM exceeding the limit!

      Thanks for the feedback and good luck.