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  • sandeepgarcha
    Hi Rob. I have been trying to look into this but have not read into anything which would Indicate that. I have selected the CAA exams and wanted to know if you managed to find out if that may be the case? thanks

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  • robhunt
    started a topic Austro or CAA

    Austro or CAA

    Hi, reading through the exam guidance I saw that the CAA examinations tend to re-use the last set of questions for 6 months or so, whereas Austro select new questions from the QB each time. Does this mean that students that choose to take the CAA exams will be able to hone in on the specific 200 questions used over the last few sittings? I do not specifically need to pass the EASA exam as I am planning to instruct in the UK only, so am less concerned about having an EASA licence. Can you offer advice as I am planning to book module one exams in August 2020. Many thanks, Rob