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ATPdigital vs BGS Online - bank size?

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  • ATPdigital vs BGS Online - bank size?

    Hi. The question bank on ATPdigital is larger than BGS Online (eg Performance 821 vs 508, Flight Planning 721 vs 656 and PofF 1602 vs 1327). Is there any reason for this and am I missing anything by concentrating on BGS Online? Thanks

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    We have questions on ATPDigital that have been created by us to satisfy some of the lesson learning objectives. BGS Online has most of the questions that you will encounter in an exam. Use both would be my suggestion, as if you understand the material rather than just remember the answers you will be better prepared for new and reworded questions.

    Also worth checking that you have the dashboard set up correctly on your BGS Online. There are fewer questions in, for example, a CPL(A) course than there are in an ATPL(A) course. Hope that helps?


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      Thanks Chris. My dashboard is set to ATPL(A). I never try to simply remember the answers though like to go through the full bank to know I've seen every question type that might be thrown at me. I'll do as you say and mix n match from both (probably makes more sense to just to the ATPDigital database but the user interface isn't quite as good).


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        Sound like the way ahead. Good luck!